Zombies Battle Royale

Fight with dozens of rivals and become the best fighter in this fascinating game of survival. Zombies Battle Royale - a dynamic shooter, which will win only the most dexterous and hardy fighters, if you think that you belong to the category of the best, then be sure to test yourself, your strengths and demonstrate the talents of the true commander.

Play will reach the last survivor, that is, one of the players who survive and survive all their rivals, and will become the champion. Immediately after loading Battle Royale, take care of the safety of the soldier and equip him with enough weapons. Armament can be taken from dead enemies, or found on location, simply opening various caches.

Armament in the Zombies Battle Royale varied, it's pistols of various types, and machine guns, machine guns, rifles. Simultaneously, you can own several units at once and change them if necessary. Always have a sufficient supply of cartridges, because they have the property to end at the most inopportune moment. First-aid kits and potions of stamina are also important, they can be quickly returned to the formation of your fighter after a severe injury.