Survival Battle Royale

Despite all the variety of different video games, the most popular still are shooters and Survival Battle Royale - the best proof of that. Interest in this game never gets cold and with every day more and more users give it their preference. This interest is easily explained, because the dynamic plot, excellent quality graphics and ease of management make pastime with it unforgettable.

At the same time, many players play in Battle Royale, but only one, the most deft member can survive, and at the same time become the winner. Confrontation is conducted until the last survivor, all are fighting against all, teaming is not allowed. Develop an appropriate tactic of behavior, and boldly engage in a deadly battle.

Remember that in the weapons after the start of the Survival Battle Royale the fighter does not have, and it will have to be obtained either in a fair fight after the destruction of the enemy, or by finding them in secret. Search the territory for boxes and chests and replenish your arsenal with finds. Be sure to select the potions that will give the warrior strength and stamina, as well as first-aid kits that can cure him after being injured. Do not worry, you have one spare life in reserve, which will allow you to return to the confrontation and continue the game from an abandoned point.