Players that understand the really exciting and dynamic computer games online, often choose Battle This game is great for those who like shooters and is ready to compete with other participants in dexterity and accuracy. If you consider yourself an excellent fighter, be sure to play and try to become a champion, take the first line of the top.

Fighting in Battle Royale is conducted to the last survivor, the one who managed to hold out as long as possible and did not fall under the bullet of the enemy and become the winner. Do not expect an easy victory, because the weapons of your warrior at the beginning of the match is not available and you first need to collect your arsenal from scratch. Armament can be taken from a dead enemy soldier, or can be found by searching the caches in locations.

Also in boxes and boxes periodically there are potions and first-aid kits. The first in Battle you will need to give your hero strength and agility, and the second - to treat injuries and injuries received in combat. Develop an effective tactic and strategy and stick to it despite all the difficulties. Try to always shoot ahead, at a time when the enemy is still aiming.