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Games in the genre of armed confrontation - this is probably the most popular kind of computer video, one of the first things everyone likes to play. Battle Royale differs from all other in that it has high-quality graphics, an exciting storyline and the main thing is that it can be played on the whole screen. Management is quite simple, a few workouts and you easily remember the key combinations you need.

When entering the survival Battle Royale, consider the fact that your character does not have a weapon at first and you will be able to get it in a fair fight. In order to replenish your arsenal - kill enemies and select their weapons, or just look for it in secret, which is periodically found on locations. The most common secret stores are boxes, boxes or houses. There you can find a variety of pistols, assault rifles, rifles. Naturally, the more powerful the weapon, the greater its combat power. Pleases that the warehouse of the fighter is quite roomy and in it he can save several units at once and change them if necessary.

It must be remembered that in the Battle Royale games there should always be an impressive supply of bullets and cartridges. Most often they are found in colorful boxes. They also have a chance to find healing potions that will raise the morale of the warrior, or the first aid kits that will heal the hero in case of injury. Do not risk too much, remember that you have only one life left. Return to confrontation to the previously abandoned positions and continue the fight from the starting point after departure, you are allowed only once. Do not engage in large skirmishes and try to think about your moves in advance, because here the main thing is not the number of killed, but the opportunity to survive at a time when all the other enemies will perish.

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Control: WASD move Click to shoot E pick up the item

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Naturally, the main goal of all players in unblocked Battle Royale games is the killing of opponents. You must not just fight, but also try to survive, despite all the difficulties that will necessarily meet in the path of your fighter. At the same time, many rivals will meet at the playground, each of which will strive for victory. And the winner in the zombies Battle Royale can only be one. The one who will not be killed by his more clever enemies and will hold on until he remains alone on the playing field, as the last survivor will become the champion.